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FlagOz - New Australian Flag

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FlagOz.com - New Australian Flag

FlagOz and the Trees

New Life - © Vitaliy Pakhnyushchyy We at FlagOz are working hard to get a new beautiful flag for Australia and having buckets of fun in the process. We invite everyone to join us. Our goal is to have "Southern Cross and Boomerang" fly atop Parliament House and at the Olympic Games.

Often over the years people have asked me what I want for the design or what's in it for me. The essential impetus was to create something beautiful that would express who we are as a nation.

I have set the price: ten minutes at the microphone at the first hoist atop Parliament House and TEN MILLION TREES, planted and growing for Australia, 'Southern Cross and Boomerang' symbolising our commitment to care for the continent we inhabit.



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