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FlagOz - New Australian Flag

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FlagOz.com - New Australian Flag

FlagOz and the Diggers

The current design was created to cater to the needs of Federation. In its day it made perfect sense. Seven British colonies uniting (the Australia star) under the Southern Cross to form Australia. It was the era of the British empire and many flags carried the Union Jack.

The desire to create a uniquely Australian symbols is nothing new. Before federation there were those who wanted to break more decisively with tradition, most notably at the Eureka Stockade. Without going into a long and inevitably divisive rendition of who is and who is not keen on the current design it is fair to say that many Australians in times past and today longed for a design free of all notions except one - - Australia.

Australians at Gallipoli, Tobruk, in Korea or Vietnam fought under the flag of Australia, the banner of a free people, free to change the design of that banner and we at FlagOz are profoundly aware that we exercise the freedom that they fought for.

Changing the flag is not denigration of the current design or rejection of the past.

That a child leaves home and establishes itself independently in the world is the natural, healthy course of life.

There may be pangs of separation but even more there is pride and joy in the maturation process. We are not Asia, Africa, Europa or America.

We stand independently, a continent nation, proud of our heritage, optimistic for our future. "Southern Cross and Boomerang" encapsulates this essence of Australia.


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